Business Process Management for SAP Business One

Within every organisation, processes are executed using the organisations unique set of rules, approvals, checklists and various methods of verification. These procedures not only govern the running of the business, but typically differentiate the company from competitors. These processes are executed using a combination of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, spreadsheets and documents. The processes are then managed through an email chain, which does not provide the visibility or control a fast moving organisation requires to maintain their lead in the marketplace.


Numerous organisations have well thought out and documented processes to which staff should adhere, however they do not have control methods in place to ensure that the processes are followed. Management often find themselves reacting to situations where the rules governing certain business processes have not been followed. Theses indiscretions could be because instructions were misinterpreted, staff members were negligent or simple because someone took a shortcut. The most effective way for organisations to prevent these situations is to ensure that they have preventative and detective controls in place ensuring the smooth execution of processes. OneFlow from AdvanceNet  can do this for your organisation.


Integrated with SAP Business One, OneFlow is a valuable and logical solution for any company utilising SAP Business One, giving organisations workflow enabled processes to automate and control activities not handled by SAP Business One.


OneFlow for SAP Business One:

  • Enables departments to reduce costs and turnaround times
  • Manages everyday business tasks ie travel request, stationery orders, capital expenditure more efficiently
  • Eliminates the guesswork and the uncontrolled paper trails by creating an electronic trail which is fully tracked and from which reports can be generated

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