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Transforming Finance Operations: The next step

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An effective and efficient finance operations function is central to the smooth functioning of a company. Accounts payable and receivable, working capital, supplier management, expense management, and compliance all need to be harmonized and seamless to ensure optimal business execution.

11 Ways To Expand Your Business And Increase Revenue

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When people say “simple,” thoughts such as “requiring little effort or learned knowledge,” “having few parts,” and “free from obstacles” come to mind. We are drawn to headlines touting simple tricks for every imaginable thing. We embrace technology with simple experiences. We dream of living the simple life. The preference is always simplicity, but our human nature creates complexity. However, we can change.

10 Reasons AdvanceOne customers choose SAP Business One

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For growing SMEs, success depends on access to critical business information for informed decision-making to seize new market opportunities and stay competitive. An integrated, affordable solution like SAP Business One will provide full visibility across your organisation with real-time reporting that leverages information from all key business areas.

7 Reasons your ERP needs replacing

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Unfortunately, all software solutions have a shelf-life and eventually it will be necessary to upgrade or enhance your current ERP system. Your existing program won’t be able to incorporate all of the new technological advancements, it will become slower and bogged down, and your competitors will start to gain a slight advantage. These are just some of the warning signs that an upgrade is inevitable.

NoSQL, OldSQL, NewSQL, In-Memory & SAP HANA

article by Chris Hallenbeck

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We in the database industry have spent a lot of effort trying to differentiate our systems from each other by creating new classifications of database management systems. Until a few years ago, life was easy – we had relational databases and multi-dimensional databases. That was it and these two types of database management systems have stood us well for going on 30 years.
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  • SAP HANA is an in-memory computing platform that has completely transformed the relational database industry.

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