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Oil and Gas

Simplify and standardise processes to enable innovation in the oil and gas sector by harnessing the power of SAP Business One.

Oil & Gas

Benefits of SAP Business One for Oil & Gas

SAP Business One helps enable companies in the oil and gas field services industry to be resilient through:


Field Service Management

Support your team in the field from every angle with optimized scheduling and mobile apps

Vendor Management

Closer relationships with key stakeholders including customers, vendors, and employees through better supply chain management

Save Time and Money

Lower technology costs and speedier return on investment

Streamlined Operations

Operational efficiency achieved by eliminating redundant and manual data entry errors with integrated core functionality

Monitor and Manage

Everything that matters to your business

Customer Satisfaction

Improved customer retention and satisfaction through quicker response times and instant access to customer information






Features of SAP Business One for Oil & Gas Field Services

Capture critical data, streamline operations and accurately report on status so your organization can react quickly to changes in the market.

  • Integrated Bond Tracking

Real-time transactions with alerts on status

  • Project and Capacity Planning

Multi-project planning at company and department level

  • Field Ticketing

Everything goes through one system that accurately and seamlessly unites billing, costing and payroll

  • Accurate Costing

Access to project margins, planned vs. actual budgets, material and labor

  • Rentals

Manage your rentals from one screen, including scheduling, equipment movement and billing rates and cycles

  • Dispatch

See whether your equipment is out on a specific job site, in transit, or sitting idle and available for dispatch


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