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Transform and simplify finance and accounting processes

BlackLine’s Finance Transformation Solution empowers the accounting and finance function to manage and control the end-to-end financial close process by automating accounting workflows, providing a centralized and secure workspace to perform period-end accounting activities, and streamlining financial reporting.

Finance Controls and Automation Platform
Designed entirely in the cloud from the ground up, BlackLine is the only unified technology solution built specifically for accounting and finance. No messy acquisitions, no disparate hybrid software-hardware combinations, and no expensive middleware or upgrade costs, just the world’s most trusted solution for Finance Controls and Automation.


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BlackLine Platform Solutions
BlackLine helps organisations modernise processes, embed controls, and obtain unprecedented visibility into accounting and finance by centralising key accounting functions within a single platform. In addition to automating period-end processes, BlackLine solutions enable companies to move beyond the antiquated record-to-report process to a new approach known as Continuous Accounting. This evolution of process optimisation and technical automation facilitates continuous monitoring for fraud and inaccuracies, delivering greater visibility to the organisation and unleashing accountants to contribute greater value to the broader business. Advance critical accounting operations and centralise account reconciliations, journal entries, variance analysis, intercompany transactions and processing, task assignments, checklists, and the financial close with BlackLine.


BlackLine Finance Transformation solution centralizes the management of all period-end close activity and streamlines accounting workflows, general ledger reconciliations, journal entry management, and other period-end processes. It enables the timely completion of financial and regulatory reporting and ensures simplified auditability. Trust in the accuracy of your financial reports with a controlled and transparent close process.


BlackLine Accounting Process Automation solution is designed for organizations looking to innovate and optimize their record-to-report process. It covers the full reconciliation to adjustment process, allowing for transactional process automation through configurable matching rules with automated clearing of items. This enables organisations to take their operations to the next level and focus resources on strategic analysis, not transactional monotony.


Specifically designed to orchestrate and accelerate the close, BlackLine Close Process Management provides tools that work in unison to help manage and execute the “last mile of finance”. By embedding controls and standardization in reconciliation and period-end close processes, BlackLine becomes a configurable, web-based command center from which you can manage accounting and finance tasks and monitor the end-to-end close process.


BlackLine: Mistrust in the Numbers

What keeps C-Suite executives and finance professionals awake at night? Is it the though of new tax regulation, the nest round of investor meetings - or something even more fundamental? Are the numbers right? Given the many recent high-profile examples of what happens when financial data isn’t accurate (for whatever reason), we wondered how senior executives and finance professionals felt about the accuracy of their own data.

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CFO Playbook Digital Landscape

Companies can launch digital products faster than ever, with many adding subscription services alongside existing product lines— which in turn, adds revenue complexity. It’s not just speed that’s accelerating, it’s data growth. Business managers are increasingly looking to effectively analyze growing data volumes to readjust their business models and forecast amidst changing consumer behavior and new operating models.

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Gartner Report - Financial Corporate Performance Management Solutions

Financial corporate performance management solutions must be understood by the financial application strategists within enterprise finance organisations, so that they can improve efficiency and compliance in processes leading to the financial close.

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The Unified Cloud for Accounting and Finance

The simplicity and usability of BlackLine solutions are unique. Unlike some systems on the market today, BlackLine is not a Frankenstein patchwork of old software and hardware. Rather, it’s a comprehensive Finance Controls and Automation platform built on a single codebase and delivered securely via the cloud. Users enjoy a consistent experience with single sign-on and avoid constantly switching between multiple systems. Data is available between products within the platform as well, without having to be transferred between or through other systems. Organisations can manage the entire accounting and finance lifecycle and gain a global view into tasks and processes, all in one centralized, secure, and reliable system: the only unified cloud platform built specifically for finance and accounting. When clients purchase BlackLine, they focus on adopting the technology for process improvement rather than supporting its infrastructure.
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