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Through its companies, AdvanceNet Group offers a scalable set of business management solutions and services for numerous industries that deliver lasting benefits. Trust AdvanceNet Group to deliver the right solution for your business with our industry experience and expertise. "value beyond technology" ‘value beyond technology’ is the concept of providing our clients with value that spans the inevitable changes in technology, thereby enabling us to fulfil the role of trusted advisor to our customers, independent of the technology itself. The value we provide, therefore, is entirely dependent on our client’s perception of our company, our people, our culture and our solutions.


Started in 1987, AdvanceNet has developed into a mature, multi-faceted company offering sophisticated business solutions throughout Africa. AdvanceNet continues to be a leader in the market by focusing on brand alignment, client service and partner relationships.

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AdvanceNet Africa

AdvanceNet Africa develops solutions for Clients in over 30 African countries in industries as diverse as mining, financial services, telecommunications, logistics and government.

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AdvanceNet Europe, a sister company to AdvanceNet Pty Ltd focuses on providing solutions to African as well as European Countries.

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AdvanceKopano are proud of the transformation our country has undergone over the past few years. As our dedication to this transformation we continue to not only support BEE but to make it an integral part of our business

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Endlessly Customizable

AdvanceOne's staff complement has experience in over 80 SAP Business One implementations in the global and local markets, which is a significant advantage in a young and growing market in Africa

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UAdvanceForce is a Cloud Alliance Partner of Salesforce.com in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. We are you single point of contact in South Africa for Salesforce.com, CRM and related cloud computing application solutions and development tools for the business web.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Every day, We are pairing technology with innovation to make a positive social and environmental impact. We are committed to putting our technology and expertise to work, where it can do the most good for people and the planet, making possible today what was impossible yesterday. We’re creating real value for our customers, employees, and partners while driving social and environmental good in the community.

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  • Whatever your business vision is, SAP can help make it real. From Cloud and high speed analytics technologies to mobile and in-memory computing solutions.

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  • SAP HANA is an in-memory computing platform that has completely transformed the relational database industry.

    The Answer is simple, The Answer is SAP Hana