Coresuite Country Package for SAP Business One

SAP Business One Add-On


ith the coresuite country package, you can optimally supplement financial evaluations and change the presentation of marketing documents to meet your requirements. Searching for data in SAP Business One will be as easy as searching the Internet with Google and you can customize your SAP environment aligned to your in-house processes without any high additional programing costs.

Coresystems Solutions
Increase profit, open up new markets and differentiate your performance from other competitors

Coresuite Country Package

Efficient SAP Business One projects out of the box: Reporting, Accounting, Customizing and Search.

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Coresystems Cube

Your required analyses will be available in the blink of an eye, with a visually appealing design. The Cube is the tool you use to extract valuable information from your data.


Time tracking made easy - The time solution is an industry-independent time recording system. With Time, your resources and projects are always under control.

SAP Business One

More clearly presented. More structured. More connected. For simple and complex processes, for national or international environments: With SAP Business One you are relying on the global market leader.

SAP Field Service Management

With SAP Field Service Management you can solve field service problems for your technicians, for your service agents, for your management and for you customers! Every single day.

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